cutthroatThe Bear River winds through a beautiful valley on our working ranch. Rising in northeastern Utah in several short forks on the north side of the high Uinta Mountains in southern Summit County. It flows north cutting across the southwest corner of Wyoming past Evanston then weaving along the Utah-Wyoming state line as it flows north. Numerous long deep pools and undercut banks present the angler with opportunities to catch big solid brown trout and cutthroat on stimulators, hoppers and other attractors throughout the summer months. These fish will attack large dry flies, usually starting in July and lasting into mid September.


The Smith’s Fork is located about one hour northwest of the town of Kemmerer, WY. The Smith Fork is a major freestone tributary of the Bear River and is one of the last places that you can find and fish for the rare native Bonneville Cutthroat Trout. Cottonwood Ranch has access to miles of pristine Smith Fork . Fantastic private access to unbelievable dry fly fishing!

Bring Your Mouse Patterns!

With all of the farmland around our ranch … these fish have been know to go crazy for a big mouse pattern!