There’s no better way to spend a summer afternoon than floating along a lazy river with the sun warming your skin and a paddle in your hands! Explore the nature around from the waters surface.  Enjoy the pure relaxation that kayaking provides. You do not have to balance, you just have to be present and enjoy the moment and nature.

Star Gazing

Stargazing is for everybody. With no city lights to interfere with your views you can experience a sense of wonder … just like being outside at night. Take a leisurely tour of the summer sky with binoculars or bring your telescope! You wont find a better view of the night sky!

Enjoy the sense of being connected directly with nature. The sights, sounds and location combine to make a perfect starry night. Feel a part of the greater cosmos like nothing else


There are some fantastic hikes in our area and if you are a hiker you wont be disappointed! If you are a photographer you will love the huge landscapes that you will find while hiking in our area. The interplay of light and shadow across the mountainsides, the sound of a stream, and the beautiful scenery will entrance you.


Every spot on the trail has its own beauty, and all have to do is slow down enough to see it.